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How do I find information about gun laws?

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Getting legal information can be difficult.  And trying to understand it on your own can be hazardous!  So, consult a lawyer whenever appropriate.  At a minimum, assume that your understanding of the law is probably incomplete.

For gun laws in Arizona, you can begin with the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S). Title 13, Chapter 31 contains laws on Weapons and Explosives in the criminal code. These include Arizona's laws on carrying concealed weapons and the sale of firearms.

Note that the Arizona legislature may revise these laws at any time, so being up-to-date is important.  The legislature's website (see link below) should be up-to-date.  Note also that new court decisions constantly interpret the meaning of Arizona's statutes, and this is crucial to understanding the law. Of the sources below, only LexisNexis includes this information; the Legislature's web site does not.

Arizona Revised Statutes.   Title 13 - Criminal Code

  • Scroll down to Chapter 31 - Weapons and Explosives
  • Click on any section to read that portion of the law.

Arizona Constitution.   Article 2. Section 26.

  • This is listed as part of the Declaration of Rights

Arizona Revised Statutes.  LexisNexis [library database]

  • Advantages of this version:
    • It includes notes on court decisions and interpretation (at the end of each section)
    • It provides links to other relevant parts of the law--a real time saver.
  • Open LexisNexis, which is pre-configured to search Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • You may be asked to enter your MyPima username and password.
  • In the Search Terms box, enter this phrase, including the quotes:  "Weapons and Explosives"
  • Click Search. Then click links to open sections of the law.

There are other kinds of legal information on guns NOT covered here.  If you are interested, please ask another question, with specifics. Click the ASK US tab to begin.

  • Specific regulations that Arizona or the U.S. uses to enforce and administer statutes.
  • Local ordinances for Arizona cities and towns
  • Gun laws in other states
  • U.S. Federal gun laws and regulations
  • U.S. Constitutional issues (2nd amendment)
  • Laws of foreign countries.
  • International law.


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