What is fake news?


Fake News is information that cannot be verified, without sources, and is possibly untrue.   Fake news includes but is not limited to:  deliberate misinformation, satire, false headlines, and social media sharing.  Things to consider when deciding if news is fake or not:  (1). Is the author credible? (2) Are there supporting sources such as links or references  (3) Is the item a joke or satirical? and (4) If writing a paper, check with a librarian to determine authenticity.

Today there is a lot of information now about the term "fake news".  

If you want to research articles on the subject, just go to the Library home page and select MegaSearch

  • Do an advanced search with the terms "fake news" (in quotation marks) and on the second line of the search type media. 
  • You will receive a large number of hits and can examine those that are most recent or relevant.  If you are interested only in scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, be sure to tick off that limiter that is generally on the right side under "tools."


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