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The Library is providing limited scanning of reserve textbooks according to Fair Use Guidelines:

Because the library facilities will not be open for the Fall semester, we are offering a variety of virtual services. 


One initiative involves very limited scanning of Reserve textbooks.  For faculty members (who are unable to scan the content themselves) and have a copy of an assigned print textbook on reserve with PCC libraries (if you’re not sure check here), we would like to work with you to make the first assigned class reading for the semester available to students. We will 1.)  Scan that text and, 2.) Email you the PDF which you can then post inside your D2L course shell. (Note: these materials must be behind the firewall of your D2L course. Do not email copies to your students.) For help posting to D2L, you can submit a ticket.


While we wish that we could scan entire books for our students, Copyright is clear regarding permissible uses of copyrighted material being limited to a small portion of the work.  Unofficially, a single chapter or roughly 10% of a work may be copied and used. Faculty need to be aware of Copyright’s Fair Use Doctrine, which describes what we, as educators, are able to do, in terms of helping our students.

Here are the Four Factors of Fair Use:

  • the purpose and character of your use

  • the nature of the copyrighted work

  • the amount and substantiality of the portion taken, and

  • the effect of the use upon the potential market.

Additional information is available from Stanford University’s website to better understand how these factors are used to conduct an analysis to make a Fair Use determination. Please also find a Fair Use checklist attached to this document. Here are PCC Policies on Copyright.



  1. Using the attached checklist, please conduct a Fair Use analysis of the work you would like to have scanned - also taking notes regarding your reasoning. (What you really need to determine is whether your first reading assignment is a fair use to share in its entirety, and if not, how much would be, i.e. - one chapter or 10%)

  2. Contact the library department head from the campus where you have traditionally taught, to request a document scan. Please include specific information related to your request.

  3. If the request meets fair use, your content will be digitized. 

  4. The library will email you the scanned document.  Post the document to your D2L course shell. Retain the completed Fair Use Checklist and any notes from your Fair Use analysis for your records.

  5. Access to this content and the scanned document is available for a single semester only.

Please note that this will not help all of our students, but we feel that this effort will assist a large number of students, helping them to be ready for class when the semester begins. To reiterate: we are not allowed to copy/scan/digitize more than a single chapter from a single book - the only way this project works is if we remain compliant with copyright law. 

As always, if you have questions, please contact us!


Charles Becker, East Campus, cbecker@pima.edu 

Sol Gomez, Desert Vista Campus, sgomez37@pima.edu 

Chris Schipper, West Campus, cschipper@pima.edu

Theresa Stanley, Downtown Campus, tcstanley@pima.edu

Kris Swank, Northwest Campus, kswank@pima.edu





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