Why is my Apple device locked? Why did my hotspot stop working?


1/31/24 NOTE: The Library's hotspot service provider, AT&T, is reporting known issues with service to our hotspots. Turning your device off and on to force updates should solve the issue on many but not all devices. We are working with AT&T to restore service to all, we appreciate your patience. While service disruptions continue, please note that free wifi is available to students at all campuses. You may also find wifi options consulting the Connect Arizona Public Wifi Map.

As part of our efforts to recover overdue tech devices, we are:

  • Suspending service on overdue hotspots
  • Remote locking overdue Apple devices

These are items that are more than three weeks overdue. A series of notices and bills have been sent. 


The item may need to be returned to a campus library. At a minimum you need to contact a library to determine if you are eligible for a renewal. 


Only current students are eligible to borrow tech devices. Even if you are currently registered, you may still need to return the device now for visual inspection/ inventory if you have had it for more than 2 semester loan periods. Once you return it, if you are verified as a current student,  we may be able to unlock/reinstate service and re-check the device out to you. Students have a responsibility when it comes to borrowing technology for responding to due dates and overdue notices. Failure to meet that responsibility may result in the device being non-renewable.



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